Repair guide

We offer a repair service for Knives and Chisels, which can be added to your order for a small fee.

Does my knife need repairing?

We can repair any dinks or chips on the blade of your knife, as well as being able to re-tip and re-heel the knife.

If your knife has similar damage to the images below, it will require a repair.

If your knife is damaged, but you do not want a repair, then we will sharpen it to the best of our ability, but your knife may not come back in the best working condition.

Please be aware if you do choose a repair, the shape of you knife may change depending on the severity of the damage, but we will try our best to change the shape as little as possible.

Does my chisel need repairing?

If your chisel is damaged we can remake the edge and get it back to working order for you.

We can sharpen bevelled edge chisels and give the edge a sharp mirror finish. We do not add micro bevels as standard – but you can add this into your service for no additional fee. We do not lap the back of chisels. 

There could be slight inaccuracies if an engineers square is used to check the edge, but this should not effect performance when used for general carpentry.